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It is common for people to wake up in the morning with a neck pain, occasionally it can be very painful and greatly restrict your range of movement in the neck, it can also cause pain to travel down into the shoulder and upper back. Pain, numbness or pins and needles in the arm, forearm and hand can also occur when there is a problem with the neck. With neck pain can also come, headaches originating at the base of the skull and travelling around to the top and front of the head. These types of headaches are called cervicogenic headaches. Dizziness can also be due to a restriction in the upper neck.

Sleeping with two pillows can commonly cause the neck to be put under strain, a better option is to invest in a high quality pillow which has good density and will support your head and neck during sleep. Also ensuring your workspace is correctly setup to reduce strain on the shoulders and neck is also essential. Regular stretching of the neck, shoulders and upper back can help to reduce stiffness and pain in these areas.

Shoulder pain directly unrelated to a neck problem can persist for a long period of time if left untreated. The shoulder is a highly complex joint which sacrifices stability for mobility and is therefore prone to injury. There are several conditions that can affect the shoulder leading to pain on movements above shoulder height, reaching behind to place the hand in a back pocket, putting on a coat, undoing bra straps, carrying heavy objects.

Maidstone Osteopathy Limited advise exercise and selected soft tissue massage, dry needling and manipulation can speed up the healing process of the shoulder.


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